Cupcake Swirls

Okay so after all the frustration in mastering my cupcake swirls and getting the right icing tip, I finally got my swirl the way I want them. I was surprised how hard a swirl could actually be, I almost lost hope. Thank God for patience I made it!
Have you ever had a problem with icing your cupcake and the swirls never holds it's shape, instead it kind of melts into a flat? The key is to make your icing so that it is stiff. To know when it is "stiff" you would have to mix a spoon through your icing and if it doesn't mix well and is hard to move your spoon through, that's when you know it's stiff. Or another way to go about it is to stick your spoon or whisk in and pull it out, if it makes a peak and holds it's shape that's when you know your icing is ready to be swirl proof! At first I was using a bigger tip to make my fat swirls but found out that tip #806 was a perfect size to use. I also prefer to use disposable icing bags rather than cloth, I think it's a bit more cleaner than having to scrub your cloth icing bags. So here are my neon colored cupcakes with the swirls I finally achieved. I made 50 of them. Hmmm maybe I should make a tutorial on cupcake swirls, what do you think??..