Scammers aka LOSERS

Recently I received a few spam mail. You know the ones where they inquire about ordering a cake and then they always want your personal information to wire you or mail you payment. Oh god it's getting so ridiculously old that it's easy to pin point a scammer. Besides there lack in finances, it's obvious they have a lot of time on there hands and it's amazing how many of them are out there. Complete losers. So with this being said I wanted to share with you an e-mail I got today and I also have a previous posting of another e-mail received from a loser. I like to expose them for what they are and hopefully you can get an idea from my posting(s) of what to look for when you get an e-mail that is a scam. Also anything with "dear, godless, may god be with you, my car got into an accident..." is stuff you should notice right away and know it's a scam.

Feel free to comment and share e-mail addresses of these losers who send you e-mails requesting to place an order!

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 12:26 PM, Amir Maadani wrote:
I think you have given me reasonable price

As regard payment, I can make full payment available and we will be available 5 days or a week prior to the event day for tasting. You can contact me on 607-648-7210 while am still in the States because I will be going back to work next week but will always keep in touch with you.

Actually, I need to let you know this, I was disappointed by someone I contacted earlier for cake though not her fault, she lost her husband and she had to travel out of States because of that, that is why I contacted you to come in. I hope there will be no disappointment from you.

Meanwhile, to avoid any further delay, send me your information i.e. the NAME as it will appear on the payment and also the ADDRESS it will be received when you're returning your reply to this mail. I want my company to issue my monthly payment in your name in which I have early discussed with them and agreed on.

Please, do not send P.O. Box address as the courier service that will be used will not send such package to P.O. Box for security reasons. You can send your residential or office address but must not be P.O. Box.

Thanks for your reply once again

.May God Be With You And Your Family..


Veggie Tales Cake

I recently been organizing all of my files and pictures that I have on my hard drive and came across a few pictures I forgot to post a whiles back. So here is one of the cakes I been meaning to share with you all. This is a Veggie Tales themed cake for a boy's birthday. His favorite character was Larry Boy. I had so much fun making this cake and one of the things I enjoyed the most was creating the Veggie Tale Characters using gumpaste and fondant. It was this cake that inspired me to learn and create more gumpaste figurines. If only I had more time on my hands to create all sorts of gumpaste and fondant figurines! The time that you put into creating them can take hours.

Where Have I been?

Hello blogging family and readers!
Goodness has it been a while since I posted anything on Mommy's Sweet Life Blog, Facebook and YouTube. Life has been quite busy for me with caking and family. But I got news for you... I M BACK! I will try my best to post some of my recent cakes and things I've learned from caking. Also I will be having a video coming out on YouTube soon, so stay tuned!

Thank you for all your sweet comments and for those who also been sharing there caking experience!

Next Great Baker!

Hey all you bakers, remember Cake Boss's Next Great Baker? Well they are planning a come back for Season 2. As of right now thay are now casting and if you think this is for you...Well hurry, what are you waiting for? There is only 2 weeks left for casting. Click here to get more info and try out for castings.. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!