My Fifth Fondant Cake

I made this cake for some one's daughter's first birthday cupcake tower. 6 inch round vanilla cake with butter cream filling and fondant deco. This was the first time I tried letting my fondant sit on the side for a day and shaping it before drying so that it would dry that way. I was very pleased with the out come on the flowers and butterflies. For the butterflies I used a basic butterfly cookie cutter and then shaped it so that the wings were facing up. Then I let it sit for a day to dry and once it was hard I got a brush and dusted on a white pearl dust. Using the pearl dust was the first time I was using it and I liked how it came out. This cake was very easy to work with and I m not sure why. I mean the fondant went on the cake smoothly and the flowers along with the butterflies and lettering was very quick and not stressful. I enjoyed making this cake :-) Also I made about 30 cupcakes to go with the cake. I decided to do another attempt at my fat swirls for icing the cupcakes but it didn't hold it's shape. Though I kind of like the look it reminds me of some thing in the 50's just can't put my finger on it.

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