Disastrous Cake!

OMG so I made a 4 tier round cake for Easter and it was a beautiful disaster... It was a donation to a church, they thought it was beautiful but all I could see was the disaster.
There was some type of beauty in it but the cake itself was a disaster. Still don't get it?
Well I made some Easter themed figurines out of gum paste and those came out awesome. But when I baked the cake I did some thing that I wish I never had done. I put my frosted cake in the refrigerator and as soon as I pulled it out I covered it with fondant. I know right? WTF was I thinking, well I am a beginner so what do you expect it's called ignorance. My fondant got really sticky looking and started to get blotchy with tears of water. It looked like it was half melting and sweating. But luckily I let it sit out for a while and it dried up. Although the cake looked a bit lopsided and the edges weren't as smooth. It was a hott mess. I just took it as trial and error, but I wish I didn't have to experience it with a 4 tier cake that fed about 100-120 servings!!!!Here are some pics of my bunny buddies and chicks that I made. The rest is history!

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