Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant

Okay so recently I had to make chocolate fondant for a wedding cake due to the fact that it was too late for me to order a tub of chocolate fondant. I wasn't so worried about doing this because I thought that I had seen several people online with recipes. Well when I finally needed the recipe and looked online or in books... It was almost impossible. After a day of searching online like crazy for a recipe I found one recipe which I thought was a GO. But boy did I wish I never made an attempt to use that recipe (part of it was my fault being that I never read the negative reviews!). It was horrible and to prevent any of you from using this horrible recipe here is the link, CLICK HERE. I don't know how any one could put up such a false recipe.. well unless they mistakenly forgot the exact recipe itself. I was so upset because I thought there was hope 2 days before the cake was due! Then this, this horrible recipe, lol. I tried to scramble and save the beast but it didn't pull through. It was too crumble, dry, bit sticky and not pliable.

When pulling it apart it simply broke in half like this.

When rolling it out it was impossible to get smooth.

So that's when I threw down my apron and said, "Forget saving this beast, I need to come up with something and some thing fast!"
I started to brainstorm and look over the recipe. I realized that the cocoa powder is on the dry side and that was the problem of my fondant coming out too dry. So what I decided was less Cocoa Powder will be best. Long story short I succeeded in my Chocolate Marshmallow Fondant!
Here is the recipe:

(I use an electric stand up mixer for this recipe, you can do it without an electric mixer by kneading from start to finish with your hands on a flat clean surface)

1 bag Marshmallow
3 tbsp Water
1 oz Semi sweet chocolate morsels
1 tbsp Cocoa Powder
4 cups Confectioner sugar
Shortening (to grease your hands, bowl, surfaces, and spatula)

Rub shortening through out your bowls used for the marshmallow fondant, spatula, and kneading attachement (from your stand mixer). Sift your sugar in a separate bowl and don't rub shortening in it. Sifting your sugar in advance will help to reduce the amount of lumps that can formed in your fondant when making it.
In a heat proof bowl add in the marshmallows and add the water. Microwave for 1 minute until melted. Pour marshmallow into stand mixer bowl and knead on lower speed. While kneading, microwave semi sweet chocolate morsels in microwave for about 45 sec, until melted. Be careful not to melt it too much b/c it will ruin the chocolate itself. Once chocolate is melted add it in the mixing bowl with your cocoa powder. Knead on medium speed until well incorporated and then add in your sugar gradually (you will not use it all at once, save some for later use). Occasionally scrape down the sides of the bowl to prevent the sugar from sticking. Once it seems not too sticky and it looks a bit like dough then you can stop kneading in the bowl. Prepare your counter surface with shortening and sifted powder sugar so that you can put your fondant on top and keep it from sticking to the surface. Also be sure to rub shortening on your hands so when you knead your fondant in progress it won't stick to your fingers. With your fondant on the counter you can start kneading again but this time with your hands and add in the remaining sugar until it forms into a beautiful fondant ball.


  1. Perfect! I'm going to try out chocolate fondant for the first time. I was trying to tint fondant brown, but I could not get it dark enough. This is exactly what I normally do, I will just have to add the melted chocolate and cocoa powder. I have no doubt it will turn out great! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ok, I made it and it did indeed turn out great! It wasn't as dark as I had hoped so next time I will use Wilton's Dark Cocoa Candy Melts and see if that makes it darker. It tastes fantastic too!

  3. What size bag of marshmallows do you use? There is a 10oz, 16oz and 32oz.

  4. yes I am wondering what size you used as well, I have seen recipes that call for 16 oz of mini marshmallows so I want to make sure I get it right ;) Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  5. I grabbed a 16 oz bag and it turned out wonderful :)

  6. While not totally related (though I am getting ready to try this as I just tried the chocolate chip and corn syrup one and am having the same problem you had with the other recipe)... this recipes and instructions are REALLY hard to read and reference quickly while cooking in this font. Nothing irritates me more when trying a new recipe than having it written out in curly or cutesy fonts as it makes it SUPER hard to reference as I'm going back and forth in reading to doing in the kitchen. And, it's a pain in the neck to have to take the time to format a recipe just to change the font before I'm positive that I'm keeping the recipe in my collection.

  7. It looks like tootsie roll! Yum!

  8. Anyone know whzt size cake it will cover or multiple cakes?