Chorizo Omelet

Okay, okay I know you are probably wondering, "what am I thinking? This is nothing pertaining to sweets!" Well not only do I like cakes in general but I love food (period). And at times I may want to share with you some of my favorite foods that I cook up time to time. So if you ran out of ideas for your usual omelets in the morning, here is one that my family and I enjoy when ham gets old.
Here is the recipe:
Chorizo Omelet
1 Pork Chorizo sausage
1 egg scrambled
1 oz grated cheddar cheese
butter to grease up your pan

First get your Chorizo sausage and cut it in half with a knife.

Heat your pot and squeeze the meat out, there will be a clear like wrap around the meat itself, so you must remove this.

Mix the meat in the bowl so it separates and looks like ground beef.

Cook your meat on medium heat.

While your Chorizo is cooking, grate your cheddar cheese (if not already grated.

Scramble your egg and heat a separate pan for just the omelet.

Once your Chorizo is ready.. Set it aside and cook your scrambled eggs.

Garnish the middle of your scrambled egg with cheddar cheese and Chorizo.

Once egg looks cooked and cheese is melted on top, use your spatula to flip one side of your egg over the other so that it is covering the cheese and Chorizos.

Enjoy your omelet with some pancakes or hash browns. It's packed with flavor and very delicious. Enjoy!

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