Leveling a Cake and Storing It

Learn how to basically level your cake and watch a video I made to show you how simple it is to do this. I also show you a quick way of storing your cake away in the freezer.
To get more in depth leveling a cake is when you cut away excess cake or slice through your cake to make an even top on your cake. This will help you cake to be leveled when stacking and filling them. Another word commonly used "torting" a cake means the same thing as leveling a cake. You are slicing it so that it is even at the top and filling the layers. In this video I use a cake leveler from Wilton. But this doesn't mean you are stuck with this bulky thing to cut your cake. Feel free to use a serrated knife and if you master an even level when slicing it with the knife.. Congrats you are almost pro! I say this because it's some thing I still need to practice doing and getting my cakes even at the tops. Some times I end up with a wave at the top and I have to go back and slice it through with my serrated knife.
Now for storing your cakes in the freezer you don't have to necessarily Ziploc it but I do at times when I make a cake small enough to fit in a Ziploc bag. I choose to do this because it seals in the cakes moisture a lot better. The cake I m using in the video is a 9" round cake and it fits perfect. But I think anything bigger than that will not fit in a Ziploc bag and that's fine. You can simply double wrap your cake with ceram wrap and put it in the freezer.
Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions.

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