My First Fondant Cake 12.29.2009

Never in my life did I think that I would have enjoyed baking and cake decorating. I mean I never even liked the taste of cake to begin with and I thought baking was only for Granny. But I thought wrong. For one of my son's birthday I was looking into buying a cake for his birthday party and the kind of cake I wanted wasn't your average half sheet size cake with icing decorations. I wanted a fondant cake that would feed about 100 guests and I wanted it to have cute designs. After calling and pricing around the cost of the cake I was very discouraged. I mean there was no where I was going to get a cake that I wanted less than $360.00! To me that was ridiculous. The all of a sudden a light bulb sparked in my head and I thought that maybe I should try and make a cake covered in fondant. I had no idea of where I was going to start, especially when I didn't have anything that said "baking material" written all over it. Okay okay maybe three things... A muffin pan, 9" round pan and a cookie sheet, I promise that's it! How lame huh? Anyways I decided to go online and look into making fondant from scratch and how to decorate a cake. Since I wanted to make everything as easy as possible and cut costs, I decided to use a cake mix on SALE and a 9" round pan that I found in my kitchen cabinet. Yes, I know a 9" round cake will not feed 100 guest but I wanted to do a Test Run, see if this was all worth the time, effort, and money. So I found a few videos on how to make fondant out of marshmallows and other ingredients that seemed familiar to me. I think this is the only reason why I chose to make MM fondant rather than making the actual fondant. I bought a set of regular food coloring, all the ingredients needed to make fondant and cake, and a rolling pin (to roll out my fondant). And tadaa here is my first fondant cake ladies and gentlemen! I mean give me a break I went in thinking that my cake would have came out worst than this and my husband encouraged me to make my son's birthday cake for the main event. So cross your fingers and hope that the next one comes out decent..... Or at least cheaper than $360.00
BTW I used Yellow Cake mix by, Betty Crocker and Cream Cheese frosting by, Betty Crocker. The Cake is Cowboy inspired and I just used what ever color I could find at the stores. Unfortunately red food coloring turns into a pink, as seen in this pic.The cut outs were made out of cookie cutters from Wilton's 101 cookie cutters. I used cowboy boots, hats, and stars.I used the #1 cookie cutter to cut out a 1 and used the cream cheese frosting as a glue to hold the #1 in place.As you can tell I didn't know that people cut there cake to make it straight at the top, it wasn't something I was thinking about at the moment. I was just determined in making a fondant cake.

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