Hi all!
So this is officially my very first blog on "Mommy's Sweet Life" and blog.
I been wanting to do this for a while but honestly never found the time to do so. Finally with the nagging in my head and the extra time I have on my hands I finally took the time to create this blog. I am excited to share with you all the wonderful adventures I personally experienced with cake baking, cake decorating and any thing related to being a mommy in a kitchen.
As an individual I am a Mommy and Wife to a beautiful family and enjoy exploring many things and making it my hobby. I enjoy photography, singing when no one is listening, trying to play a guitar, traveling, cooking different things, baking and decorating cakes. I told you I enjoy exploring many things, in fact I have so many interest I don't know which one I enjoy the best but instead take up the advice my husband told me, "Explore one interest at a time and at the end which ever one makes you happy stick to that one". So with that I am focusing on Cakes and anything that pertains to cooking and baking. We'll just see how long I stick to it!

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