My Fourth Fondant Cake

This is a 6 in round Red Velvet flavored cake with cream cheese filling. This was my first attempt in making a sugar figurine out of fondant. I wanted to use gum paste but didn't have the materials to make my own gum paste. Sure I could have gone to Wal-Mart and buy a small bag of already made gum paste but as a Mommy I like to save money. I mean when it comes to my children then spending money is no problem at all. But for other stuff that is not really a necessity I try to be wise on what I spend my money on. One thing I didn't like about making my figurine out of fondant is that it wouldn't hold it's shape, so I had to keep on fussing with it. If you look close enough his head isn't so perfectly round lol. The next time I make a figurine I will be sure to use gum paste and let my figurine sit on the side for a while to harden. Oh and one mistake I made on this cake is that the diamond patterns didn't fit evenly when both points met with each other. If that made sense? So now I know I should probably get the measurements of my cake and divide them equally so that the diamonds will fit evenly around the whole cake. I also made some cupcakes and my own cupcake liners. I was pretty pleased with the attempt of my fat icing swirls. I never went to school for any of this, it's typically out of fun.
(Notice a weight on the side of the dummy, the person I made this for loves to lift weights)

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