My Third Fondant Cake

This is a two tier round cake made with Strawberry flavored cake mix by, Pillsbury w/ Betty Croker's whipped icing. I found the brand Pillsbury to be a bit cheaper than Betty Crockers, but I don't think the Pillsbury mix is that great. I would prefer Betty Crocker, the moist mix. The whole cake is covered and decorated in fondant. I used the Wilton icing colors to color my fondant that darker blue and for the lighter blue I used regular food coloring. There was no special occasion as to why I backed this cake but simply because I wanted to give it another try at making a cake. I couldn't wait for the next birthday or occasion to come to make another cake, that's how excited I was about cake! I purchased a couple of basic shapes from a chef store and the cutters were made from Wilton. I got square and circle shapes along with a ribbon cutter/roller (by, Wilton) to create a bow as seen in the picture. I have been noticing that Wilton makes a lot of baking goods which is so exciting because they have a lot of great products for reasonable prices. Also what's great about Wilton is it's easier to find in stores than most brands that you would have to order online or buy through a specialty store.

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