My 10th Fondant Cake

Here you will see a cake I did for a little girl's birthday party. I had a bit of a bump a long the way of decorating my cake. First off I started by baking a 9" and 8" round cake and covered it with fondant. It looked like two same size round cakes just the lower tier a tad bit smaller than the top. But from afar it looked almost like one tall cake. I was so disappointed and almost discouraged about the whole cake. I think what discouraged me the most is that I had to remove the fondant before I could do anything else with the cake! But I decided to do my best and carve down the 8" cake into a 6" round cake. Then I some how managed to salvage the fondant and use it again to cover the cake. When I stacked it, it looked a lot better. Tip to self: Never make any cakes with a radius measurement of an inch away from another, make it at least 2 inches apart from one another so that when you stack it, it won't look like it's the same size when covered with fondant. After all of that I noticed that there was a huge piece on one side of the cake that wasn't covered by fondant. So the designs that I originally had for the cake had to be improvised into a totally different design. I changed the design and worked with what I had to save the cake. Thank God it all pulled through! Did I mention this was my first order I did using my airbrush. It was nerve wrecking just hoping that the airbrush wouldn't spray too much color on at first but then I got the hang of it. This was definitely a cake that helped me to over come obstacles and learn from my mistakes. By the way the one at the top of the cake is a candle made out of gumpaste. I tried to do the whole Pink Cake Box # look but did it a bit wrong, next time I need to have a pic in front of me to be sure it is identical to what I want.

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