Hawaiian Cake

I almost forgot to share with you my Hawaiian themed cake I made, it was a small order. A 9" round cake covered in Marshmallow fondant, lilikoi flavor with buttercream. I made little figurines like the famous ukulele and surfboards to go with the cake. Though the cake looked cute, the cake itself wasn't great. I was on a last minute run and depended on my dear husband to monitor the cake and pull it out of the oven while I m gone. Tip to self: Never leave baking to some one who has no clue of what a cake looks like when it's done baking. In fact don't even leave your cake until you are fully finished with decorating it. I don't blame my ever so helping husband for what happened with the cake being pulled out to soon and not fully cooked. I mean come on the man doesn't bake... He's better off on a grill with his steaks! Well you can take a look at my video to see what the cake looked like but try not to think about it not being fully cooked. Haha.

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